Personalised Workwear Case Study : Warwick Grigg, Telanova

Posted by Steven Palmer on 5th Sep 2014

Personalised Workwear Case Study : Warwick Grigg, Telanova

For customer facing businesses it's always important to create the right impression. Telanova, are a Bracknell based Managed IT Support Company for sole-traders to SME sized businesses throughout the Thames Valley Their extensive range of IT solutions mean they can help businesses of all sizes and this often requires the engineers to visit the client at their workspaces, premises or home.

In creating the right impression personalised workwear plays a very important role for Telenova. One of Telenova’s clients is the Royal Ballet School. Warwick Grigg, MD of Telenova, says "When we're working on site, our clients like to know who we are: ‘Oh that's good, the Telanova guys are here to upgrade our internet connection.’" If Telenova engineers were to arrive onsite to install or maintain their IT equipment dressed in casual 'civvies' it would not create a very professional appearance and would reflect badly on their brand. Due to the nature of the work undertaken by the engineers, such as installing servers and cabling, a suit and tie would not be very practical attire

Telanova engineers wear branded polo shirts embroidered with company logo when visiting clients. This is an ideal solution to maintain the company's image while increasing the brand awareness of Telanova. Warwick says, "Our customers know who we are. They aren't left wondering 'who are those guys and what are they doing?'"

It's a competitive World out there

The IT Support industry is a fiercely competitive market with many companies offering similar services within a local area. It's important to try and stand out from the competition with the products you offer, the services you provide and the professionalism of the employees.

As well as supplying Telanova's workwear, we also produced exterior signage for the visitor car parking spaces at their head office. This creates a professional appearance for visiting clients and helps build a positive first impression. These are all small but important factors that can indeed help win new business.  

Something Personal provide all of Telanova's branded workwear solutions. Warwick explains why: "Something Personal are easy to do business with. The quality is excellent, they are friendly and approachable. This is good value for us and we always get a quick response."

Take a look at yourself

Do you run a company or work in the IT Support Industry?  What does your company wear when visiting clients?  Is your current work clothing up to scratch or looking a little worse for wear?  

We provide both printed and embroidered polo shirts and work wear to companies throughout the UK.

Call us on 0333 323 9595 for a no obligation chat about how we can help you create a lasting first impression with your new and existing clients.  

We can also help with branded merchandise such as mugs and mouse mats as well as printed signs and window graphics.

For more information on Telanova and the services they provide call Warwick Grigg on 01344 989538 or visit

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