How do you present your conference material?

Posted by Steven Palmer on 2nd Feb 2015

How do you present your conference material?

When it comes to conferences, exhibitions and training manuals what do you do when handing out information at the end?  Most attendees will go away armed with all the notes and material from the event so they can refer to it at a later stage.  When it comes to presenting this information there are usually two different avenues to go down...

Printed Material

Branded Conference Folders from

Traditionally, at the end of a training course or exhibition the course notes and materials are handed to the attendees in physical paper format, be it printed booklets, data sheets or leaflets.  Something Personal can help with all aspects of physical data sheets - through our partners we can print, trim, collate and booklet all types of documentation to hand out.  We can also provide printed folders for your training course, event or exhibition.  Printed folders are not to be under-estimated... 80% of printed material from training courses is usually thrown away within the first week.  By distributing the materials in a printed folder they are much less likely to be binned and more likely filed away for safe keeping to be used at a later date.

With branded folders you can make sure your company, your motto or your message is visible at all times after your attendee has left your event.  We can print branded folders from as little as 50 units at a time!  Remember, don't under-estimate the power of a branded folder or ring binder.

USB Material

Personalised USB Keys from

The more modern way of handing out information after an event is through loaded USB sticks.  The company will pre-load the course materials onto the USB keys and distribute them at the end of the event.  These are very useful as not only can they contain the documents but they can contain all types of other media from training videos to recorded audio of the event to weblinks to certain products or additional information that may be required.

More and more companies are now using branded USB sticks to give away their information.  There are a number of ways in which this is done.  The first is to give away a branded key - meaning the USB key itself is personalised with the company logo.  We can provide all types of personalised USB sticks in various sizes.  We can also upload the data and information for you so when you arrive at your event the sticks are pre-loaded and you don't need to worry about doing this in-house.

Branded USB Presentation Boxes from

The alternative method to branding the USB sticks is to use a branded USB Presentation Box - these are also great tools for ensuring the materials are kept and not discarded or lost after the event.  They can be fully branded with company information and even personalised to each individual if required, a nice touch at training events.  As the stick is enclosed in the case it is physically larger and as it is branded it is more likely to be stored or filed away than just erased or discarded after the event.  We can supply fully branded USB stick packaging with plain or personalised usb sticks (loaded or blank) for all types of events.

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